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Helping Women Rise

Women bring immense value to the table through their experiences, expertise and energy however women are quitting the workforce at higher rates than before.


According to the Union Budget 2022, the overall workforce participation rate in India is 20.3%, of which 18.2% is in Urban India presently

It is also said that if the participation of women in the economy becomes equal to that of men, the GDP of India GDP (Gross Domestic Product) can be increased by 60% in the year 2025.

Organizations understand the importance of investing in their women workforce to build, leverage and grow this talent. There is more need than ever to empower women to believe in themselves, build their confidence and capabilities to thrive in the workplace.

BAWS Workshop


workshop is designed for women to build awareness, self-confidence, brand and influencing skills to be able to grow and rise in their personal and professional spaces.

The 2 day experiential learning focuses on helping women:

realize their true potential and increase self-confidence

become aware of their limiting & winning beliefs so they can work on them to be their best versions

learn approaches to promote self and leverage opportunities like jobs, promotions, better compensation

explore tools and techniques to build their brand and enhance visibility & sponsorship

provide an opportunity to join a community for continued learning and development

What is in it for the women?

Become aware of their own self-perception and understanding how that is enabling or limiting

Working on limiting beliefs to build more winning beliefs

Kickstarting BAWS habits to build self-confidence, resilience & compassion

Building your brand - identity, values, ethics, personal style

Learning Self-promotion and self-advocacy skills

Nurturing Relationships & Influencing

Being an ally for women & influencing others

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BAWS Workshop

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