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Conversion Audit

A complete UX and CRO audit for SaaS & Digital businesses

What is a Conversion Audit?

When you engage Human First for a conversion audit, both our experienced UX Researcher + CRO expert will inspect your interface for usability issues, CRO opportunities and areas for improvement.

We rate how well your site or application adheres to current best practices and user interface principles and most importantly – make the findings actionable! We have built and fine-tuned our own set of 80 heuristics that specifically caters to SaaS and digital businesses.

No matter if the goal is to drive leads, close a deal, or ensure a person finds the answer to their needs, it’s crucial that a customer’s experience is simple and smooth.

Is it worth it?

A thorough design review is especially useful if you’re trying to decide on a new strategy for your digital experience. Our independent position allows us to evaluate your designs from a fresh perspective.

Even if you’re not planning to change direction, it’s still valuable to commission an independent UX assessment periodically to reduce risk. Expert reviews ensure there’s nothing major you’ve overlooked by being too close to the design.

What’s included?

We conduct a detailed analysis of your interface to identify the strengths and weaknesses. The specific areas we review depend on the project goals.

Typically, the themes usually involve usability heuristics that we developed, such as consistency and standards, error prevention, and user control and freedom. We rate the findings by severity level to help you and your team prioritise the work.

What do I actually get?

  1. A full UX analysis and assessment of your desktop website

    Including the homepage, navigation, pricing plans, about us, feature pages, industry & case-study pages, plan matrix, sign-up & payment flow

  2. UX scorecards

    Get a total of 80 UX performance scoring parameters, which can be used to benchmark how your site stacks up to general user expectations and future design changes

  3. Results deep-dive consultation

    A 2-hour video conference where we go over the audit results with you and your team, to discuss the findings and suggestions for improvements.

  4. Follow-up support

    At your choosing, two follow-up calls within four months of delivering the audit findings for any ad-hoc guidance needed.

  5. *Optional extra

    Select 3 competitors of your choice and see how you stack up against them with UX scorecards.

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Single Platform

€2250 excl VAT

One website or app

Competitive Review

€2950 excl VAT

Your website or app +3 competitors of your choice