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Helping you build experiences that delight your customers

Craft end-to-end experiences that are so smooth and enjoyable your customers will be back time and time again.

Who’s behind Human First

Kurt’s is a CXL certified Optimiser who ran Pipedrive’s website a/b testing program as a day job from 2018 – 2021. In early 2022 he moved to Katana where he spends his days optimising app store and review sites for conversion.

Kurt‘s favourite areas to work on are landing page and forms, as well as general conversion copywriting always with an eye on the whole customer journey.

Kurt Strang
Conversion optimisation, copywriting

Since gaining his MSc in Human Computer Interaction in 2015, Kenny has been working in the field of UX ever since, currently at Printify as a UX Researcher. With a passion for making people’s lives better through design, his speciality lies in asking the right questions to truly understand people’s needs at all points throughout their journey. From this deep user understanding the best experiences can be built.

Kenny Mathew
UX research, strategy and consulting

Our story in brief

Kurt and Kenny first met as colleagues in Pipedrive, an Estonian tech unicorn in 2018. As part of the Web team, they worked together on research and customer journey analysis, and a full website architecture revamp including a full homepage redesign amongst other projects.

Kurt’s still an optimiser, nowadays at Katana maximising web traffic from review sites and app stores. Kenny works in Printify, another leading baltic startup as a UX researcher.

We believe in putting humans first

Our name was an easy choice. What’s something that will never change no matter the trends of the day? Making things clear, straightforward and simple for people in their digital experiences of course.

You don’t need to trick people or ‘growth hack’ your way to a high performing website or experience – in fact we believe in the opposite.

Trustworthy, honest and well-designed experiences are high converting. Deliver the right information at just the right time throughout your flows and you have the winning formula.

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