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Look! A slightly hidden element!

That was fun to find right? Small things can bring joy when served contextually

User experience (UX) design

Good UX should make make people feel a connection to the interface and be seamless and intuitive.

How we help

We offer a wide range of digital creative services, and design workshops, to help with all aspects of your project.

Conversion Audit

UX or CRO consulting

Conversion copywriting

Why Human First Design?

Research-backed recommendations

We draw on extensive global research conducted with thousands of different interface designs, and by personally observing hundreds of people in user testing over the years. We regularly buy and consume books and reports from the leading industry experts, and devour any content from them we can get our hands on – this is our passion!

Fresh perspective

Already have a gut feeling for what might need improvement? Get the confidence you need in an outsider validating your ideas independently so you can move forward faster with improvements. Having helped improve UX for businesses in many industries, we can also surprise you with ideas fresh to your industry that are already proven to get results in others.


We don’t have a vested interest in recommending one approach, technology or potential design solution over another. As outside experts, we deliver an unbiased report that purely supports what’s best for you and your customers.


We’ve worked with startups and fortune 500 companies, from companies selling cars to shampoo. We both currently work in leading European tech companies with cutting edge tools, methodologies and strategies.
We know what works and what doesn’t.

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